With the advent of the digital era, the way people utilize technology has been changed. Users find more easy ways to find their solutions. Google research says, “53% of mobile users switch to another site if they experience more than 3 seconds in a wait of website loading.” If your website takes a long time to load, you need to approach SEO Sydney for good assistance.

Websites that take long loading time can result in a serious loss in leads and customers that arrive at your door. According to a top-notch digital marketing agency Sydney, brands that want to increase website speed, need to make sure they understand everything about users and Google before actioning anything.

It’s a necessity to understand what Google favours and how speed impacts website traffic. Here we share everything to help you build a strategy.

Web page speed impacts rankings

Before understanding the importance for brands to focus on website speed, you should understand why and how speed can impact the ranking game. Keep Google’s statistic of mobile users that couldn’t wait for 3 seconds into consideration. If your website takes a long time to load then there are high chances of getting outranked with the competitors.

It showcases that your site doesn’t provide visitors with a good experience. Also, it indicates that your website will have high bounce rates from the users that click off and low engagement metrics. Moreover, Google has considered site loading speed as a primary factor in their algorithm.

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By making the site owner work on their website loading process they want to create a better searching experience for the users, which ultimately become beneficial for Google as a reliable search engine.

Therefore, website owners want to make sure that their website load as faster as possible to hold on the visitors & to impress Google, of course.

Are you ready to increase page load speed?

Consider these strategies to improve page load speed.

  1. Consider JavaScript

If you want to deal with the process, you need to make JavaScript that runs asynchronously. It means that the JavaScript will not affect the HTML parsing process. Just review all the scripts and make sure to remove any that are no longer in use.

  1. Know about lazy-loading images

When you choose to lazy load any portion of your site like images, you can make use of code to load the page asynchronously. This will increase the load speed by allowing the basic parts to load before loading the images.  

  1. Cache your images

When you cache images, you will save some parts of your site in the user’s browser. When the same user returns to your site, the information has already been stored and thus it will take less time to load the website.

  1. Know about CDN – Content Delivery Network

CDN can improve page loading time as it will determine your visitors’ geographic location and then website resources get treated to the visitor with as close as a possible option. This will reduce the time it will take to send the information from server to browser.

Contact a well-known SEO Sydney firm to compress image, know the image type, and hosting cloud because these all factors too can make a difference for website loading. Try today!

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